Agriculture Irrigation

Cameron Irrigation can design, supply and install irrigation systems to suit many crops from Large boom irrigation to drip irrigation for high quality fruit and vegetables to sprinkler systems for low precipitation rates overhead irrigation.

Cameron offer a high standard of products and source these from worldwide major manufactures giving our customers the most modern and efficient irrigation available, with highly efficient and environmental friendly irrigation systems to all applications within the agricultural industries.

  • Water storage from galvanized steel tanks to plastic one peace molded units to lined lagoon reservoirs
  • A full range of pumping solutions to include PTO and diesel pumps with a range of controls including variable speed units
  • Distributing water in Pipe work and Fittings supplied in PVC, MDPE, LDPE, ALUMINUM
    or Galvanized
  • Automated Irrigation controllers from multi wire to two wire systems, battery operated controls available where there's no electrical supply
  • Full range of aluminum pipes and cast aluminum fittings, together with sprinklers
  • Sprinkler pipe work and fittings
  • Hose reel irrigators
  • Solenoid valves with a range of thread sizes and coils
  • High efficient Sprinklers for covered and outside areas with a large range of droplet sizes, uniformity, distances and precipitation rates offering a even distribution
  • Drip irrigation systems tailored to each individuals requirements either supplied pre-assemble or individual units we can offer a comprehensive range and solutions
  • We can also offer a water source option from boreholes to rainwater harvesting system

Spare Parts and Equipment:

We supply a wide range of professional irrigation products and equipment our stores in Arundel West Sussex, available for delivery or collection, whether you carry out a repair or require a DIY kit system our staff are on hand to offer you the advice and service you need to achieve this.