Water Storage Solutions

Cameron Irrigation is one of the leading companies in the supply and build of water storage solution, using galvanised steel water storage tanks; Plastic moulded tanks, GRP type tanks and lined lagoon reservoirs.

Used for the following:

  • Rainwater harvesting for the recycling of water
  • Irrigation water for horticulture, nurseries and garden centres, sports surfaces, Public & Private gardens
  • Tanks for aquaculture
  • Storage of water for dust suppression systems
  • Containment of manure and slurry
  • Grey water storage

We supply:

Steel tanks:

  • Tank diameters: 2.74m up to 32.83m
  • Tank volumes: 4.5m3 to up 2000m3
  • Liners: wide range includes green-seal (EPDM), butyl rubber and flexible polypropylene and standard/tropic PVC
  • Covers: to suit any application: galvanised steel, woven polypropylene, anti algae or floating PVC

Plastic above ground tanks:

  • Tank diameters from 500mm
  • Tank volumes from 25 litres - 20000 litres

Underground GRP type tanks:

  • Tank diameters from 1000mm x 1500mm in length
  • Tank volumes from 1000 litres to 36000 litres
  • Supplied with connections pre-fitted including 110mm calmed inlet and 110mm trapped outlet

Spare Parts and Equipment:

We offer a range of fittings and connection to suit each individual tank along with a large range of pumping solutions and controls. Full Installation from our teams of trained fitters is available to all tank installation no matter the size of project